COP24 Katowice

We wish to invite you to participate in the organisation of the COP24 Conference

Thousands of people, including top-rank statesmen, representatives of international organisations, business, science and leaders of the third sector will spend about a fortnight in the city of Katowice and its surroundings. About 1,000 volunteers will be involved in the organisation of the Conference. Along with this unprecedented historical milestone a number of scientific and cultural events will be held: meetings, seminars, workshops and contests regarding the subject of climate change and the possibilities of moderating its consequences.

Whereas all Conference-related events gain extensive coverage in media worldwide, the involvement in staging the COP24 certainly contributes to building the prestige and value of its participants, which encourages many companies to participate in this global project year by year.

Review the announcement about the recruitment of COP24 Conference Partners and the COP24 Conference Partner Rules, which are also available on the BIP website of the Ministry of the Environment


Rules for selection of Partners

Partnership Agreement

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