Terms of participation

In accordance with Article 7, paragraph 6 of the Convention, Parties to the Convention, United Nations and related organizations and agencies, members of the press and media and already admitted non-profit observer organizations may attend the sessions of the Convention. Consequently, conferences are not open to the public.

The general information on eligibility is available on the UNFCCC website:

Registration for the COP 24 will be possible only through a dedicated UNFCCC website:

The registration system has been initially scheduled to be launched on 10 September.

Civil society and non-governmental organisations

Organizations must hold observer status in order to attend the Conference and to register a side event. The criteria and process for obtaining observer status is outlined here:

However, the application period for COP24 for receiving an observer status is closed already. The application for observer status for the next year COP25 is open until August this year.

At the turn of September and October a meeting with observer organisations is scheduled to provide logistical information about the Conference. The meeting will be held at the Ministry of the Environment. Detailed information about the event will appear be provided to the UNFCCC Constituencies focal points.

In order to attend the COP24 without an observer status, please read the instructions outlined here:

Side events and exhibits

Information on registration of side events and reservation of the exhibition space for observing organisations is available on the dedicated UNFCCC website:

Answers to frequently asked questions about the above registration system:

The registration system for side events and the booking of exhibition space for the observing organisations closed on Friday 24th of August.

National delegations

The members of a national delegation must be authorised by their National Focal Point. Please contact your national focal point in order to receive more information. You can find the contact details here:

At the turn of September and October a briefing for the representatives of the diplomatic missions of the Parties to the Convention is planned in order to discuss the preparations for the Conference. Detailed information about the event will be provided directly to the diplomatic missions.