COP24 Katowice

Let’s Talk About Garbage – exhibition

18 December (10:00) - 23 December (20:00)

Creators: Hugon Kowalski and Marcin Szczelina

Conscious management and waste management are now among the most important issues discussed in many areas of life, including the architecture. The creators of the exhibition “Let’s talk about garbage”, Hugon Kowalski and Marcin Szczelina, argue that ecology and design go hand in hand. Overproduction of waste is a global problem faced by all the countries in the world. A modern solution for the reduction the waste generated by consumer lifestyles is recycling. “Let’s talk about garbage” attempts to find new alternative strategies in the fght against the enormous amount of waste flowing into our cities. It seems to be our only hope in slowing down the process of littering the planet.

Free admission.


Muzeum Śląskie


Muzeum Śląskie, foyer, -2 level

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