COP24 Katowice

Agreement with the City of Katowice on COP24 signed

Henryk Kowalczyk, Minister of Environment, and Marcin Krupa, Mayor of Katowice, signed an agreement on the 15th of May 2018 regarding the organisation of the COP24 in Katowice.

COP24 or the 24th Session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change will take place on the 3rd–14th of December 2018 in Katowice. The event will be attended by nearly 40,000 participants from close to 200 countries all over the world, including heads of governments and ministers responsible for environment and climate issues.

“The purpose of the agreement signed today is to ensure the coordination of preparations for the December conference, as well as to ensure the safety of its participants and optimal conditions of functioning for the residents of Katowice during such a large event.

The signing of the agreement is another step towards further strengthening of cooperation between the Ministry of Environment and the City of Katowice,” said Minister Henryk Kowalczyk.

“The organisation of the climate conference is a great challenge for Poland, both in terms of its content, as well as logistics. However, I am convinced that together that we will succeed in carrying out all the necessary tasks," the Minister of Environment emphasised.

The agreement regulates a number of logistical issues related to the organisation of COP24, such as ensuring efficient transport of participants. To this end, a special mobile app will be developed, enabling the participants to find the best routes between hotels, venues and accompanying events in three languages.

“During the conference in Katowice – the heart of the two-million metropolis – we will host about 40,000 participants from nearly 200 countries. Katowice will be visited by key global decision-makers – presidents, prime ministers, diplomats and scientists – who will be conversing in the Culture Zone. In order to coordinate such an important event, a special act was passed, and we have entered into an agreement today between the city of Katowice and the Ministry of Environment," says Marcin Krupa, the Mayor of Katowice. 

“I am convinced that the organisation of the COP24 will be a global promotion of the city, as well as an opportunity to discuss important environmental issues with its residents. We want to raise the awareness of the residents regarding climate protection and eco-responsible shaping of the environment. The United Nations Climate Change Conference is an excellent opportunity to show how much our city has changed in recent years,” the Mayor added.

The plan for the COP24 in Katowice is to adopt a full package implementing the Paris Agreement. The Agreement is the first international agreement in history, which compels all countries in the world to take action on climate protection. The implementation package will enable the Agreement to be put into practice and will thus set the global climate and energy policy for years to come.


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