COP24 Katowice

Vice-Minister Michał Kurtyka at the celebration of the tenth anniversary of Polish membership in the IEA

The visit of Vice-Minister Michał Kurtyka in Paris on 17 October 2018 coincided with the tenth anniversary of Polish membership in the International Energy Agency (IEA). On this occasion, the Embassy of the Republic of Poland held a seminar devoted to the topic "Energy Transformation: the way to the implementation of the Paris Agreement".

The aim of the meeting was to present the Polish position in the international debate on energy policy. It was also the starting point for presenting Poland as the organizer of COP24 in Katowice. During his speech, Vice-Minister Michał Kurtyka spoke about the enormous challenge that the upcoming COP is, on which the package implementing the Paris Agreement will be negotiated.

The Paris Agreement was a political document that defined the basic assumptions, so while the 2015 consensus resulted from diplomacy and the good will of world leaders, in Katowice we are facing a much more complicated undertaking to implement. This is because we need to create a kind of 'user manual' which will tell us how to implement the Paris Agreement. Without Katowice, the Paris Agreement will not meet the hopes and expectations placed in it. The agreement obtained in Katowice will actually launch the activities of sovereign states, explained the deputy head of the Ministry of the Environment.

Apart from Secretary of State Michał Kurtyka, the meeting was attended by Laurent Fabius, former French Prime Minister and President of COP21, Fatih Birol, Head of the International Energy Agency, Piotr Woźniak, President of PGNiG, Didier Holleaux, Deputy President of Engie and Marc-Antoine Eyl-Mazzega, Director of the French think-tank IFRI, based in Paris and Brussels. All speakers declared their support for the Mr Kurtyka as the President of the upcoming COP24 climate summit.


COP24, means 24. The Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is the most important global forum on climate policy, which will be held on 3-14 December 2018 in Katowice. Even 30,000 delegates from around the world, including heads of government, environment and climate ministers and groups of observers to the negotiation process, can take part in this event.


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