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12th Polish ITS Congress

Michał Kurtyka, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Environment, took part in the inaugural panel of the 12th ITS Congress.

The Congress, devoted to the broadly understood subject of intelligent transport systems, was held on the 22nd and 23rd of May in the building of the Innovation and Technology Transfer Management Centre of the Warsaw University of Technology. Deputy Minister Kurtyka was honoured to speak during the opening session of the Congress.

We are in for a revolution. The transport sector is facing the culmination of a number of trends – changes in drivetrains, autonomous driving and digitisation of the transport sector, as well as changes in the approach of car users who no longer want to own their vehicles, but use a service instead - said Kurtyka.

He also reminded that exactly three years ago, the Electromobility Development Plan was first announced – Poland's first comprehensive economic overhaul plan of this magnitude aimed at achieving social, environmental and industrial benefits at the same time.

Social benefits will appear, because we have a chance to overtake certain trends. We are also going to see environmental ones, since one of our biggest problems is the so-called low emission, caused both by poor quality individual furnaces and transport in city centres. Industrial benefits will stem from the rate at which the number of electric cars is growing in the world – all in all, it is a great opportunity for industry - said the Vice-Minister.

During the Congress, representatives of administration and business, associated with the transport sector, held presentations on issues such as the integration of traffic management systems on the roads, the role of ITS in the operation of electromobility, automated and autonomous vehicles, mobility as a service, as well as the architecture of unmanned flying systems.


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