COP24 Katowice

Basic facts about the COP24 conference in Katowice

The United Nations Climate Change Conference in Katowice is a huge venture which many parties are involved in, bringing together hundreds of people working for the final success. Below we present facts illustrating the scale of this undertaking.

  • Almost 30 000 participants will come to Katowice at COP24. Guests from all over the world will be supported by 500 volunteers.

  • Participants will have at their disposal 8 conference zones, including plenary rooms, press conference rooms, meeting rooms and several hundred other rooms like offices, computer centres, places to work and relax. Therefore, we can speak about the real "city in the city".

  • Nearly 2000 people worked on the construction and arrangement of the conference area - employees of the Poznan  International Fair and subcontractors. It means there would be no space enough for all of them on a Warsaw subway train at once.

  • COP24 will generate a carbon footprint of 55,000 tonnes of CO2. To balance this emission, the State Forests will additionally plant more than 6 million trees (i.e. twice as many as in Central Park in New York City).

  • All registered participants are allowed to use free public transportation in Katowice and Silesian District.

COP24 in numbers


Overall, the venue includes:

  • 2 plenary halls - the MCK conference center is where most negotiations will take place;

  • 25 meeting rooms of various sizes and configurations for negotiations;

  • 2 press conference rooms;

  • 6 side events rooms – that will be used for the more than 260 official side events that are planned;

  • 3 rooms for action and high level events as well as the „Action Hub”;

  • 160 exhibit spaces;

  • The service area;

  • Media facilities, and

  • Delegation offices and pavilions.

The area under the jurisdiction of the United Nations consists of:

by 29,473 m2 of usable floor area of the Spodek;
by 33,962 m2 of useful floor space of MCK;
by 33,475 m2 of usable area of temporary structures.

All the preparations for the conference lasted equally 60 days, started on September 28th.


  • Parties: 12810

  • Observer States: 8

  • UN and specialized agencies: 447

  • IGO observers: 781    

  • Non-governmental organizations: 6 035

  • Media: 1 525

  • Subtotal: 21 606

  • Staff (including technical, security, secretariat): 6 535

  • Grand total (including Staff): 28,141

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