COP24 Katowice

Clean Fuels Day in the Polish Pavilion

Another day passed in the Polish Pavilion at the UN global climate summit – COP24 in Katowice and this time it was devoted to clean fuels.

It featured most efficient ways to obtain fuel, which may improve the state of the natural environment and thus increase the comfort of our lives and health.

First part, entitled “From Coal to Steel” was participated by experts from Polish and international energy and metallurgic companies, such as Arcelor Mittal Poland and Voastalpine, and representatives of academia from the AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow, who discussed modern and climate-friendly technological solutions used in the steel production process.

Representatives of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (air-conditioning producer), Hydrogen Europe (hydrogen producer), Rain Carbon Inc. (producer of alternative raw materials), Fraunhofer Institute (organisation associating research entities for industry) and scholars from the University of St Andrews presented good practices during the “Coal to Chemicals” panel.

Delegates from Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa JSW showed innovative ideas for obtaining hydrogen.

“We have been working on commercial and clean production of hydrogen, called the fuel of the future, which we are able to obtain from coke oven gas. We want to take advantage of the cooperation with domestic industry leaders to become one of the catalysts of using state-of-the-art and global technologies in Poland. It will be possible to power 100 zero emission buses with hydrogen, serving over 2.5 million inhabitants of Silesia. That’s why we’re actively promoting this fuel during COP24,” said Daniel Ozon, President of JSW.

In the afternoon, speakers focused on methods of condensing natural gas on a small and large scale. Representatives of PGNiG paid attention to the development strategy of a company directed towards climate neutrality.

Next, the floor was taken by the delegates from the Polish Coal Combustion Products Union with a speech “From Coal to CCP (Carbon Capture Plant)”, showing the use of coal combustion by products as valuable and anthropogenic ingredients. The panel was attended by representatives of The National Centre for Emissions Management KOBIZE, Chancellery of the President of Poland, Warsaw University of Technology and SBB Energy S.A. (producer of energy systems).

Delegates from Google and Google Cloud, Deloitte Central Europe, Technical University Ilmenau and The Polish Foundation for Energy Efficiency talked about reaping experience from Polish pre EU energy efficiency transition field.

The last part of the panel was devoted to the prospects for the development of energy storage technologies and flexible solutions for electricity grid. The presentation by the Ministry of Energy consisted of two parts: “Cooperation of Conventional Energy Sources and Renewable Energy Sources - Flexibility of the Power Plant” and “Implementation of Online Special Protection Scheme (SPS) and Construction of Hybrid Battery Energy Storage System (BESS)”.

Following days in the Polish Pavilion will be devoted to heating and human dimension of climate change. The Pavilion will be functioning throughout the whole UN climate summit – COP24.


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