COP24 Katowice

COP Presidency handed over to Chile

December the 2nd 2019 was the last day of the Polish Presidency of COP24. Michał Kurtyka, President of COP24 who is now the new and first ever Minister of Climate in Poland as well handed the Presidency over to Chile in Madrid and congratulated Ms Carolina Schmidt on becoming President of COP25. He underlined that adopting Katowice Rulebook a year ago went beyond the expectations of all and made him personally proud that a manual for efficient implementation of the Paris Agreement was possible to be achieved. It was the common success of all the countries present in Katowice.

Minister Michał Kurtyka also mentioned that Poland wanted to give voice regarding the climate policy to all groups of our societies – especially to those at risk of exclusion, due to their personal, social and economic background. One year ago the Just Transition Declaration was delivered, adopted by the Heads of States and Governments. It is no longer possible, in ambitious climate policymaking, to ignore the needs and dignity of vulnerable social groups.


The other issue that he highlighted was the common goal adopted in the Paris Agreement – achieving climate neutrality in the second half of the century. This is a game-changer, which requires action in all the sectors of the economy and society. It is no longer only about the energy. That is why he proposed ministerial declarations on forests and on electromobility. He is very happy that all those initiatives gained traction not only in this process, but also by spurring action on the ground.


Now, looking back at my last gavel at COP24, I gather that a lot has changed since. Maybe the world is not moving yet at the pace we would like. But my hope rests in particular with the young people. They have the courage to speak up and remind us, that we inherited this planet from our parents and we need to hand it over to the future generations. We need them, and we need everyone, because the transition to climate-neutral development is a civilizational challenge that we can overcome only by acting together, in the spirit of justice and solidarity –  Michał Kurtyka noted.


He reminded, that during COP24 in Katowice 44 countries signed the declaration ‘Driving Change Together’ - Katowice Partnership for Electromobility, as well as 82 parties the ‘Forest Declaration’.


The President of COP24 also added, that Poland will support its Chilean successors in finalizing the last element of the Paris Agreement, i.e. in creating common markets for emissions trading.

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