COP24 Katowice

COP24 President, Michał Kurtyka: I am determined to ensure the adoption of the final document

Delegates gathered at the COP24 climate summit resumed their deliberations in the plenary session on 15 December. The previous day, the Polish Presidency consulted the text with negotiating groups, so as to work on the final document together with the UNFCCC Secretariat.

COP24 President Michał Kurtyka thanked the delegates for their hard work so far. He also emphasised that COP24 is a summary of the collective, three-year effort of representatives of more than 200 countries on a very complicated and technical document. Appealing to the delegates for further efforts, he said,

I am determined to ensure that this package is accepted. This is something the world is waiting for. I am convinced that thanks to the enormous involvement of all Parties, we will reach a compromise that satisfies everyone.

He added that the adoption of the agreement is a key issue in the context of global climate policy.

The Katowice package will make it possible to take a big step towards achieving the ambitions expressed in the Paris Agreement. Ambitions that will ensure that our children and their children will look back at our legacy and recognize that we made the right decisions at such an important and difficult moment.

The document to be adopted during COP24 will enable the implementation of climate policy mechanisms set during COP21 in Paris. The priority of the Polish Presidency is to adopt the text, which equally respects the postulates of all parties.


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