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Eight-year-old Majka, involved in the protection of orangutans, took part in COP24

On December 6, 2018, eight-year-old Majka Mulak, initiator of the Orangutan Protection Club, was a guest at COP24. She also met with the president of COP24, Michał Kurtyka, to whom she told about her initiative.

“Majka, you're fantastic. You are an inspiration for us all and provider of a great amount of energy to act. I am very happy that children also see global problems and get engaged in climate protection”, said the president of COP24 Michał Kurtyka during his encounter with Majka.

The Orangutan Protection Club is an initiative started by eight-year-old Majka Mulak, whose goal is to reduce the destruction of animal habitats in Indonesia. Maja's idea came about after her mother read her an article where it said that 25 orangutans die daily as a result of cutting down rainforests for cultivation of oil palm. It made a big impression on Majka - she decided to act, and asked her mother to stop buying products containing palm oil. She also got her school friends involved, and gave out hand-made certificates to those who were willing to join in.

Maja together with her mother founded a group on Facebook, encouraging people to join the project. You can read there, among other things, about palm oil substitutes and which products should be dispensed with in order not to contribute to the destruction of animal habitats.

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