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“Energetic” Thursday in the Polish Pavilion

Energy sector is a crucial element of global climate policy. Economic development entails growing demand for electricity

This, however, leads to problems with obtaining sufficient amounts of raw materials for its production. Social, economic and environmental aspects of the energy sector growth were discussed on Thursday in the Polish Pavilion at the UN climate conference – COP24 in Katowice.

Energy security is one of the leading themes of the climate summit in Katowice.
According to the International Energy Agency’s report “World Energy Outlook 2018”, by the year 2040 global demand for electricity will have increased by over 25%. As the societies become gradually wealthier, the amount of products they use increases. Thus, not only industry, but first and foremost private entities will become major energy consumers. Poland faces similar challenge. Thirty years of uninterrupted economic growth coupled with positive economic outlooks raise the question about the direction of the development of the domestic energy sector. On the one hand, we have a policy of gradual diversification of energy sources, as exemplified by PGE’s project to construct huge wind farm on the Baltic Sea, which will ultimately supply power to 4 million households. On the other hand, we are still suffering from the consequences of mistakes and negligence of the communist authorities ruling Poland until 1989.

All the above-mentioned issues were discussed during today’s series of lectures and debates in the Polish Pavilion.*
First thematic block entitled „Energy Efficiency” tried to answer the question of how to align growing requirements of the Polish industry for regular energy supplies with the EU regulations concerning the reduction of CO2 emissions. It was followed by nuclear energy panel, during which a letter from the Polish Minister of Energy Krzysztof Tchórzewski was read out. 

"Poland chose this direction, because nuclear power plants guarantee stable production of energy with zero emissions. Nuclear energy sector will be the main tool used to reduce emissions,” Minister Tchórzewski wrote.

He believes that nuclear energy will allow Poland to diversify the structure of energy production at a rational price, thus ensuring energy security of Poland and competitiveness of its economy.

We need such a stable and reliable source, which will address forecasted growing demand for energy and fill the anticipated power shortages in Poland’s energy system,” added the Minister.

Thursday in the Polish Pavilion ended with a discussion entitled “Energy efficiency is crucial to adapt climate change counteraction”.

* Polish Pavilion is a special zone at COP24 devoted to the promotion of Polish institutions and enterprises from the energy and environment protection sectors, providing a platform for sharing ideas and opinions between experts, scientists and representatives of industry organisations from Poland and abroad.

Each subsequent day in the Polish Pavilion will be devoted to different subject matter: forests, the issue of sustainable development of cities, financing climate policy, air quality and human dimension of climate change. The Pavilion will be functioning throughout the whole UN climate summit – COP24.


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