COP24 Katowice

Indigenous Peoples’ Day at COP24

As part of COP24, a day dedicated to indigenous peoples was celebrated in Katowice. The central point of the agenda was the conclusion of discussions concerning the launch of the Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform.

The Local Communities and Indigenous Peoples Platform will enable systematic participation of these groups in discussions on environmental policy, making it of the most important tools for counteracting climate change. The new forum will enable representatives of indigenous peoples to work on the integration of different knowledge systems so as to increase and speed up the efforts of the international community aimed at providing a comprehensive and integrated approach to the threats and consequences of climate change.

I hope that COP24 will start uniting the representatives of indigenous peoples around the world,” says the chief of the Mohawk tribe, Howard Thompson. “The platform will be a tool for spreading knowledge about how indigenous peoples can help the world to prepare for the upcoming changes.”

Other participants of the talk expressed a similar sentiment during the climate summit. “I am convinced that today's decision will be a good foundation for further action and I hope that UNFCCC bodies will use the Platform to cooperate with us,” says Jannie Staffansson from the Saami Council organization of the Saami community. “The platform will strengthen the voice of indigenous peoples around the world and I believe that the impact on the negotiations and the possibility to share our recommendations will help to ensure a temperature increase of only 1.5 degrees, not as much as 3 degrees, which would have a huge impact on the Arctic.

The Platform of Local Communities and Indigenous People will be the first initiative in the world enabling an institutionalized dialogue between national governments and indigenous peoples.

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