COP24 Katowice

Invitation to the ceremony of the adoption of the Katowice ministerial “Forests for Climate” Declaration

As early as on December 12, the Polish Presidency will announce its next initiative – the Katowice ministerial “Forests for Climate” Declaration. The Minister of the Environment Henryk Kowalczyk as well as Paola Deda, head of the forests and wood UNECE/FAO section.

The Paris Agreement is showing the universal will to a global effort aiming at reaching a balance between anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and their eradiction by the use of absorbers. All governments are bearing the responsibility for reaching this goal as it can be achieved only through global effort. The fifth article of the Paris Agreement is one of the most important because it paves the way to the implementation of basic principles of this document, which is a balance between emissions and absorption in the second half of the current century. The parties should take measures in order to keep and improve the state of absorbers and greenhouse gas reservoirs, including forests.

There is no future if we don’t act against climate change, but there is also no future without forests. Therefore, on December 12, 2018 at 6:30 PM in the Warszawa conference room, a special event will be held for ministers and heads of delegations on the support of the parties for the Katowice ministerial “Forests for Climate” Declaration. The document will be adopted by acclamation. The full list of supporting countries will be published after the event.


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