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Minister of the Environment and COP24 President about the role of the Three Seas Initiative in climate policy making

The Minister of the Environment Henryk Kowalczyk and COP 24 President Michał Kurtyka took part in the conference ”COP24 and the Future of Climate Policy: What Role for the Three Seas Initiative?”. The event organized by the Ministry of the Environment, Bureau of the COP24 Presidency and The Polish Institute of International Affairs took place on 22 November 2018 in Warsaw.

During the conference, Minister of the Environment Henryk Kowalczyk highlighted the role of the Three Seas countries in the context of climate policy. - The countries of the Three Seas are a separate region, which has its specific character not only cultural or political, but also economic, energy, environmental and climate. This is a result of specific common historical experiences and common conditions -  he said.

Secretary of State Michał Kurtyka stressed that countries of the Three Seas currently face new challenges and one of them is the debate on the future of climate policy. - In the context of the discussion about the ways to achieve the goals of sustainable development he pointed out the importance of increasing energy efficiency and development of zero-emission transport which could be one of the major solutions for environmental problems enabling combination of economic growth with climate objectives - he said. - I strongly believe that revolution of clean transport can bring new quality of life not only to the richest societies, but also those in developing. We can contribute to that with our Central European experience and assets – he added.
During the meeting, COP24 President Michał Kurtyka presented 3 declarations, which may constitute a new and significant contribution to thinking about climate protection:

•    partnership for the development of electromobility and zero emission transport - "Driving Change Together Partnership";
•    declaration that touches the issue of ensuring fair and solidarity-based transformation - „Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration”;
•    Ministerial Declaration "Forests for climate” - conserves and increases carbon stocks in greenhouse gas sinks and reservoirs by 2050 and indicating the key role of sinks in achieving the Paris Agreement objective.

More information on the declarations is available on


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