COP24 Katowice

National Energy Summit

“Energy for Economy - Economy for Energy Sector” is the motto of the 7th National Energy Summit which took place in Gdansk on 8 and 9 April 2019 and was attended by Mr Henryk Kowalczyk, Minister of Environment, and Mr Michał Kurtyka, Deputy Minister of Environment and President of COP24.

During the summit, a plenary session was held titled “Polish energy policy - EU priorities vs Poland’s strategic goals”, which had Minister Kowalczyk address the goal of climate neutrality.

The share of coal and gas fuel, i.e. energy sources with high emissions, remains significant in Poland, but will be gradually reduced in line with the adopted energy strategy.

 This direction will be supported by the Ministry of Environment, because without reducing the share of conventional energy sources in the electric power generation pool, we will not achieve the goal of climate neutrality - Minister Kowalczyk emphasised.

He also added that there was a number of paths available to reach that goal. Firstly, the share of conventional energy must be reduced, and secondly, effort must be taken to increase carbon dioxide absorption capacities, focusing particularly on the forests.

During the debate, Minister Kowalczyk also offered a summary of the COP24 summit which took place in December 2018 in Katowice.

The COP24 climate summit in Katowice was a double success, both in terms of organisation, and the negotiated outcome, since it is not an easy task to adopt a joint resolution of nearly 200 countries. Even though emotions were running high, we managed to agree on a declaration and conclude COP24 with the “Katowice Rulebook” which implements the Paris Agreement - Mr Kowalczyk said.

“Polish Energy Sector Amber 2019” award

During the National Energy Summit, the Deputy Minister of Environment, Mr Michał Kurtyka, received the “Polish Energy Sector Amber 2019” award. The award is given to people, institutions or businesses for outstanding activities for the growth and security of Polish economy and energy sector in Poland and abroad.

Mr Kurtyka, who was the President of COP24, was recognised for successfully presiding over the climate summit. The jury also acclaimed his personal commitment to finalising the “Katowice Rulebook” - the international agreement obligating all countries of the world to undertake the necessary action to protect the climate.

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