COP24 Katowice

"People and Climate" - how the just transition should proceed

Today, Warsaw hosted the “People and Climate - Solidarity and Just Transition” conference organised by the Polish Presidency of COP24, attended by President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.

The subject of solidarity and just transition surfaces more and more often in the wake of changes taking place across the world, connected with the global energy transition, which awaits us in the coming years.

- Starting from COP24 this issue of people centered approach is gaining momentum on the international scene - said the Vice-Minister of Environment and President of COP24 Michał Kurtyka in his opening speech at the conference.

The President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda also spoke - In order to halt the effects of climate change, it is necessary to take measures that will affect countries and societies. The way in which energy is produced must be transformed, but also the structure of industry and employment will change. In order to make sure that these changes are effective, it is necessary to gain public support for them. Hence the idea of a solidarity-and just transition.

The debate during the conference focused on three leading themes – labour market transition, sustainable production and consumption, as well as inclusive transition.

Just transition is becoming a hotly debated topic. We should all note that the lack of adaptation of changes resulting from the climate policy to the capabilities and expectations of the society was the main cause of the Yellow Vests protests in France and the recent protests by IG Metall trade unionists in Berlin. The conference, organised by the Polish Presidency of the COP24 enabled international dialogue and promoting this idea as universal for all regions of the world, regardless of social and economic contexts.

The conference will conclude with a report on the presented proposals for solving the problems associated with the energy transition in the social context. The next step will entail the development of a package of strategies to implement the idea of just transition as a protective shield for societies undergoing economic transitions towards more sustainable economies.

The conference was also attended by former Presidents of the COP – Salaheddine Mezouar (COP22), Laurent Fabius (COP21), Manuel Pulgar-Vidal (COP20), Marcin Korolec (COP19), Maciej Nowicki (COP14) and Jan Szyszko (COP5).


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