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President of COP24: “We are closing the week of technical negotiations”

“We are halfway through COP24. It was a very intense time for us. From the beginning of the summit, the Polish Presidency presented two declarations that have gained the support of the Parties,” said the president of COP24, Michał Kurtyka, on December 8, 2018, during a press conference attended by the UNFCCC Executive Secretary, Patricia Espinosa.

As Deputy Minister, Michał Kurtyka emphasized work on the Paris Agreement implementation package is moving forward. “Today we are closing the week of technical negotiations. I can say that we are halfway through the work on the texts. The sense of urgency that we all shared has translated into good progress during this first week of our conference. Negotiators work very hard, this is a non-stop job, 24 hours a day,“ commented the president of COP24 during the press conference.

Summary of the first week of COP24

The Secretary of State at the Ministry of the Environment has listed the relevant issues which have been discussed so far at COP24. He pointed out, among others, the Monday summit of leaders and two declarations important for the Polish Presidency: on solidarity and Just Transition — ‘Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration’, and on actions towards the development of electromobility – ‘Driving Change Together - Katowice Partnership for E-mobility’.  “Declarations regarding electromobility gaining support from a record number of countries is an important message that brings hope, and opens opportunities for effective implementation of modern and environmentally friendly technologies,” he asserted.
The COP24 President also brought to notice the information provided by World Bank President Kristalina Georgieva about the institution doubling its funding of ambitious climate actions to the level of 200 billion dollars. “These funds constitute a very important contribution to the course of talks during COP24, where we are also discussing a number of financial problems,” he affirmed.

Participating in the press conference, UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa recognised that COP24 is accompanied by many positive signals. “We have witnessed the commencement of the process of supplementing the resources of the Green Climate Fund - for example, Germany doubled its contribution to it. Also very positive is the fact that here, at COP24, all development banks announced that they will adapt their investments to the objectives of the Paris Agreement” – said UNFCCC Executive Secretary Patricia Espinosa.

Over the last few days, the deputy minister held meetings with negotiation groups

During the meetings, the COP24 president asked about the progress of the work and the biggest challenges faced by the groups. He asked for even more intensive efforts to develop the implementation package of the Paris Agreement. He also appealed for openness in working out a compromise. “The negotiation process takes place along many parallel work directions, differing in levels of progression and detail. Now, the key issue is to equalise the level of maturity of the text. We also have the first results in technical aspects. This will enable smooth conversations during the next week, when they will reach the ministerial level,” he emphasized during the talks.

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