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Katowice Partnership for e-mobility launched at COP24

Among the initiatives promoted by Poland during the United Nation Climate Summit - COP24 in Katowice, the Driving Change Together - Katowice Partnership for Electromobility has a fundamental place. The Declaration, prepared jointly with the United Kingdom, was announced on behalf of the Polish government by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. It was already joined by 38 countries from 5 continents, as well as international organisations, representing over 1500 cities and regions, but also 1200 companies. In order to fully implement the Partnership, a dedicated e-mobility trust fund will be established in cooperation with the World Bank.

Poland, this year’s host of the UN climate summit - COP24, together with the UK presented on Tuesday, 4 December the Declaration on E-mobility - Driving Change Together - Katowice Partnership for Electromobility. The initiative was jointly presented by Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and President of COP24 Michał Kurtyka together with representatives of other countries.  

Signatories of the agreement declare their willingness to support the development of the e-mobility sector, exchange of experience and scientific cooperation at the global and local level. The Partnership was established in the main Plenary Hall with 1500 delegates from dozens of countries and organizations present. Many of them are involved in the development of the electromobility sector and the implementation of innovative environmentally friendly technologies in transport and logistics.

- Poland has a comprehensive and ambitious policy of responsible development, an integral part of which is supporting electromobility - said the Prime Minister. - In the coming years we will allocate nearly 3 billion USD for this purpose. The Electromobility Development Plan in Poland is a document setting out the areas of action, and its operationalisation is the Act on Electromobility and Alternative Fuels. Therefore, we have created the architecture of the clean transport market in Poland. In order to ensure the completeness of the system, we have also decided to prepare a financial instrument to support the implementation of the planned measures - the Low Emission Transport Fund, which will be operational at the beginning of 2019.

Over the last thirty years a real automotive revolution has taken place in Poland. In 2017 the number of vehicles exceeded 22 million, according to the Central Vehicle Register. This rapid increase is an example of dynamic economic development - but also a serious challenge for the environment. The problem is also global. The process of expansion of urban agglomerations and megacities is observed in all corners of the Earth - by 2050 more than 2/3 of the population will live in urban areas.

Referring directly to the launched Partnership, the Prime Minister pointed to the need to develop electromobility on a global scale. On behalf of Poland, he expressed his readiness to fully cooperate and exchange experiences with both developing and developed countries. The Prime Minister extended his invitation to the first international Electromobility Forum, which will be held in autumn next year in Poland.

- The Katowice Electromobility Partnership has already been joined by 38 countries from 5 continents, jointly representing more than a third of humanity. Organisations and alliances bringing together more than 1500 cities and regions and 1200 companies have also joined this group. And this number is not closed, because the Partnership is open to new participants. New technologies can be the answer to the challenges that have arisen. We are building the largest electromobility partnership in the world, and Poland is in its centre - added Michał Kurtyka, President of COP24.

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