COP24 Katowice

The road to COP24

PreCOP, a meeting of representatives of world business and government delegations from 35 countries, is currently taking place in Krakow. The conference precedes the COP24 climate summit, which will be held in Katowice in December. Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk, as well as Vice-Ministers Michał Kurtyka and Sławomir Mazurek are attending the event.

Meetings of UN climate ministers

The meeting in Krakow serves the role of a preparatory session preceding the December COP24 climate summit and is key to drumming up support for the adoption of the full package implementing the Paris Agreement.
In a welcome speech during the PreCOP in Krakow, Minister of Environment Henryk Kowalczyk said:

This is undoubtedly the final rehearsal before what awaits us in December, when the eyes of the entire international community will be turned on the representatives of nearly 200 countries, who will work together towards one joint objective – defining concrete rules that will ensure that the temperature increase is curbed, that climate neutrality is achieved and, consequently, that the proper conditions for the development of our societies and that the environment, for which mankind is responsible are provided.

I can assure you that we are making every effort to ensure the right conditions for carrying out the work and making sure that the atmosphere will be conducive to building compromises, which sometimes might not be easy to achieve, but necessary for us to enable finding solutions acceptable to all the Parties that will meet in December in Katowice, the Minister added.

During the meetings on Tuesday, delegates will talk about issues pertaining to financing efforts aimed at counteracting climate change.

Bilateral meetings

On the first day of Pre-COP (22.10.2018), Minister Henryk Kowalczyk held a number of bilateral meetings, including with the Minister of Climate and Environment of Norway Ola Elvestuen, the Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine Ostap Semerak and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Marshall Islands, John Silk. The preparations for COP24 were also the subject of talks with New Zealand's Minister of Climate James Shaw, Spanish Minister for the Ecological Transition Teresa Ribera Rodríguez and Austrian Minister of Sustainability and Tourism Elisabeth Köstinger.

Business representatives at PreCOP

On Monday, during the business part of PreCOP, representatives of the most innovative companies had the opportunity to meet with a group of decision-makers shaping future climate solutions. The main topics discussed were electromobility, energy and the cities of the future in 2048. The conference was also attended by Vice-Ministers Michał Kurtyka and Sławomir Mazurek.

Meeting with NGO representatives

On the eve of the official start of PreCOP in Krakow, Vice-Minister Michał Kurtyka held a meeting with representatives of associations and organisations involved in the UN process of dialogue on climate policy.

As the President of COP24, I have many opportunities to talk to global environmental and climate policy stakeholders. I am glad to see the growing involvement of civil society in global efforts aimed at protecting the planet. This is a manifestation of responsibility on the part of those who understand the need to improve the quality of life of citizens, but also the requirements arising from the need to protect the environment. I believe that only a joint effort by the various stakeholders will enable us to achieve the objectives set out in the Paris Agreement, said Minister Kurtyka.

During the workshops and discussions spanning the whole day, participants had the opportunity to exchange views with representatives of the Polish Presidency and experts from UNFCCC - the UN agency for climate change. The common position of the delegates worked out during the meeting will be presented to the government delegations gathered in Krakow.

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