COP24 Katowice

Chamber of Commerce Polish District Heating

Chamber of Commerce Polish District Heating is an organization founded in 1994 that brings together traders, whose activities are related to the production, processing, storage, transmission and distribution and marketing of heat. The Chamber operates in the country as well as abroad and is a member of Euroheat & Power. It unites 250 members of different ownership structure and diversified sales volume of heat from below than 100 thousand GJ to 40 million GJ per year.

Basic activities of the Chamber are focused on the evaluations of projects and substantive amendments to existing legislations, enabling cooperation between the Chamber in determining the development programs and the modernization of district heating and caring for creating conditions conducive to the development of district heating. The Chamber insists on integrating the environment associated with heat, representing the economic interests of members to state authorities, local governments, social, scientific and economic institutions. As part of the activities, the Chamber initiates and participates in the restructuring processes of the entire sector. One of the objectives of the restructuring is to meet current and future emission standards, which allows effective reduction of high emissions as well as effective reduction of the so-called low emission.


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