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The area of the former “Katowice” Colliery has been named Culture Zone, as it has been transformed into a sort of ‘mine of culture.’ It includes 4 exceptional buildings:

The INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS CENTRE (pl. Sławika i Antalla 1) is a multi-functional centre which can host 15 thousand people at a time, during conferences, concerts, sporting events and banquets.

The POLISH NATIONAL RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA (pl. W. Kilara 1) – The shape of this building was inspired by the historic architecture of Nikiszowiec. The new centre houses two concert halls with top-level acoustics, seating 1800 and 300, as well as a recording studio.

The SPODEK SPORTS AND ENTERTAINMENT ARENA (al. Korfantego 35) was built in 1971 and completely modernised in 2008. Because of its unique architecture, it has become a symbol of Katowice. Its innovative construction was the first of this kind in the world. The building is used as a sports and entertainment hall, and there is inside also a skating-rink, a gymnasium, a weight-room and a hotel.

The SILESIAN MUSEUM (ul. T. Dobrowolskiego 1) where the majority of exhibitions are situated underground. It is a venue not only for acoustic exhibitions, but also for conferences and workshops.


Katowice conservation area, which is one of the most atmospheric places on the map of the city. It was established in the years 1908-1924, according to the architectural design of Georg and Emil Zillmann. In the mining settlement here, the Neo-Baroque Church of St. Anna and the “Wieczorek” Coal Mine create a unique atmosphere, which allows you to move to the beginning of the 20th century. Another tourist attraction is the Wilson Shaft Gallery, which exhibits works of contemporary art. Since 2011 the Nikiszowiec settlement has been entered on the list of Scheduled Monuments.


The picturesque settlement-garden was set up in the years 1907-1910 and was mainly inhabited by workers of the "Giesche" Coal Mine. The architecture of workers ' cottages, built on the model of the old Upper Silesian country cottage is of particular interest. Another spectacular landmark of the district is the Siesian Inn (currently turned into the Szopienice-Giszowiec House of Culture), Gawlikówka Silesian Chamber (an art gallery with an exhibition of Edward Gawlik’s paintings), as well as forestry buildings, schools and shops. Its location in the middle of the forest retreat enhances the uniqueness of Giszowiec.


The tourist route, which includes sites that represent the Katowice architecture of the 1920s. and 1930s. It consists of 16 modernist buildings located on the trail with a total length of 5.5 km. The visitors may admire historic villas, residential houses and estates, such as the building of the Silesian Sejm, The Garrison Church of St. Casimir the Prince. The hike along the trail takes the walkers to the interwar period and explains why Katowice was considered to be the most American of the Polish regions.


The Sports and recreation complex located in the Katowice district of Muchowiec. The name refers to the three water reservoirs located in the close proximity to each other. The park allows a break from the hustle and bustle and offers an opportunity to spend time in an active way. The vast area of 86 ha abounds with walking and cycling paths, as well as inline routes. Enthusiasts of outdoor activities may also enjoy beach volleyball courts, a Skate Park and a marina with a water equipment rental.


The capital of the Silesian region offers a wide range of goods for shoppers in its many shops and modern shopping centres. In Katowice, these attractive complexes are easy to reach and offer everything to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers.

Galeria Katowicka (ul. 3 Maja 30), Silesia City Centre (ul. Chorzowska 107) and the Three Ponds Shopping Centre (ul. Pułaskiego 60) will satisfy even the most ambitions clients with their range of goods and entertainment.

For those who enjoy shopping among historic buildings of the city centre, we recommend Katowice’s central district, enticing with its wide offer and professional service.

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