COP24 Katowice

Key initiatives of the Polish Presidency

In each of the themes of the Polish Presidency (technology, human, nature), Poland plans to achieve a concrete result, which are served by three declarations constituting an important contribution to the global climate protection policy. As a result, it is enriched with three perspectives, with a broader view that considers the importance of removals, the role of agriculture and biodiversity, respond to rapidly growing transport emissions, and places the perspective of human and his work in the centre of climate issues.

  • The Driving Change Together Partnership for Electromobility and Zero Emission Transport is dedicated to technological and organisational change towards zero emission transport. Maintaining the current rate of development, including the development of urban agglomerations and megacities, while keeping the current model of transport and the dominant types of propulsion and energy sources, is incompatible with the promotion of a sustainable transport model and the reduction of dependence on fossil fuels.

  • Declaration on fair transformation under the motto: Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration is dedicated to ensuring a fair and solidarity-based transformation that will help to protect the climate while maintaining economic development and jobs. Development should be economically, socially, environmentally and climatically responsible. That is why the path we want to follow is socially and environmentally sustainable development, with an emphasis on modernisation, technological change and the implementation of innovations enabling a more efficient and environmentally friendly use of resources.

  • The Silesian Ministerial Declaration "Forests for Climate" on the conservation and increase of carbon stocks in greenhouse gas sinks and reservoirs until 2050 indicates the key role of sinks and will help to achieve the objective set out by the Paris Agreement.

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