COP24 Katowice

Declaration “Forests for climate"

Poland's forestation is steadily increasing. From 1995 to 2014, the area of forests in our country increased by 5040 km2. This is also a great merit of the State Forests supervised by Ministry of the Environment. About 500 million trees are planted every year. This is an impressive 1000 trees per minute.
Forests make up nearly one third of Poland's area. Scientific research shows that by planting appropriate tree species, the capacity of forests to absorb CO2 can be increased and thus the scale of expected climate change can be reduced.

During COP24 Poland wants to show other countries how to achieve a balance between emissions and removals, using innovative solutions in the field of forest management and the natural process of CO2 absorption by soils and forests (the project "Forest GHG Plantation").

At COP24, we plan to formally adopt a Ministerial Declaration calling on the Parties to conserve and increase carbon stocks in greenhouse gas sinks and reservoirs by 2050 and indicating the key role of sinks in achieving the Paris Agreement objective.

The Paris Agreement represents a general willingness to make in the second half of the present century a global effort to achieve a balance between anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions from sources and their absorption by sinks. Responsibility for achieving the goal lies with all governments and the goal can only be achieved with a global effort.

Article 5 of the Paris Agreement is one of the most important articles as it shows the Parties the way to implement in the second half of this century the Paris Agreement objective of climate neutrality. The Parties should act to conserve and improve the condition of sinks and reservoirs for greenhouse gases, including forests. Multifunctional and sustainable forest management is the cornerstone for achieving climate neutrality.

There is no future without combating climate change, but there is also no future without forests.

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Download the Declaration. 

See the list of Parties supporting the Declaration here.

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