COP24 Katowice

Just Transition Declaration

Considering the social aspect of the transition towards a low-carbon economy is crucial for gaining social approval for the changes taking place. Public policies to reduce emissions will face social resistance and significant political risks for the governments implementing them if they are not accompanied by social security programmes for workers whose jobs will be lost or transformed. For these reasons, the issue of fair transition is a vital issue for governments, social partners and civil society organisations.
The adoption of Declaration on Just Transition at the Katowice Summit will give this issue an additional political support. This will be another step towards mainstreaming this issue into global climate policy. The fact of signing this declaration in Poland brings significant benefits. This is where the vital interests of governments, workers and employers around the world will gain valuable support. This will help to build the image of Poland as a modern state, paying attention to the issues of social cohesion, working for the well-being of all citizens and promoting the values of solidarity at the international level.
In the long term, the implementation of a solidarity-based transformation will help to generate and maintain public support for policies to reduce emissions. This, in turn, will enable their successful implementation, which is a prerequisite for achieving global climate policy objectives.

If you are interested in joining the “Just Transition Declaration”, please contact us via mail

Download Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration.

Download The List of signatories of the Solidarity and Just Transition Silesia Declaration.

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