COP24 Katowice

Vision for Presidency

Measures to halt climate change

The measures to halt global warming are generally considered to be some of the most important civilisational challenges and a prerequisite for the implementation of the principles and objectives of sustainable development. The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and its annual Conferences of the Parties (COPs), which constitute the main decision-making body of the Convention, are the most important instrument of international cooperation in the field of tackling the impacts of climate change.

Using its national actions as an example, Poland would like to show new sustainable methods for taking care of the environment and combating climate change.

Highlighting Poland’s achievements in relation to climate change

The organisation of COP24 will provide an opportunity for convincing other countries that Poland does not hamper the process of tackling dangerous climate change. Moreover, Poland is one of the leaders of this process and climate policy is very important for it. A good example of its involvement in this field is, among others, the implementation of Poland’s commitments under the Kyoto Protocol. Poland reduced its CO2 emissions by 32% instead of the required 6%, while enjoying economic growth at the same time.
The fact that Poland will preside for the fourth time over the negotiations under the Climate Convention and that it will host its the Conference of the Parties for the third time is also evidence to the great involvement of our country in actions to protect the climate.

We would like to ensure that COP24 is a historic meeting of the representatives of the world which will adopt decisions ensuring the full implementation of the Paris Agreement and also other important decisions. On their basis, it will be possible to jointly achieve the global objectives of the Paris Agreement, i.e. keeping the temperature rise below 2°C and the global objective of adaptation to climate change.

We are happy that our country can host again the United Nations Climate Change Conference. We treat it as the recognition of our efforts taken to date. We are ready to assume the role of a leader in this dialogue and to take an active part in the development of solutions.

Continuation of the climate negotiations in the spirit of the Paris Agreement

The Paris Agreement does not provide for decarbonisation, but for so-called climate neutrality. This is a return to climate policy which is expected to protect the climate and, at same time, enable the preservation of the specificity of national economies – this is particularly important for Poland.

Poland’s objective is to maintain the global character of the Paris Agreement, the voluntary choice of the method for limiting emissions, as well as the shaping of climate and energy policies depending on the possibilities and specific conditions in terms of raw materials and geography (using own natural resources).

United Nations states must act together in order to halt the dangerous climate change. However, these efforts must be tailored to the capabilities of the individual countries. They should ensure a balance in commitments between states in a different condition and at different stages of development.

Poland would like to be an ambassador of the sustainable approach to climate change. It would like to represent not only its own interests, but also those of the region and to defend the principle of voluntary action as the foundation of democracy and the European community.

Promotion of climate neutrality based on carbon sequestration by forests (the concept of forest carbon farms) and soils

Forests occupy almost one third of Poland’s territory. Due to this, we can achieve climate neutrality envisaged in the Paris Agreement, i.e. balancing the emission level with the quantity of CO2 absorbed by forests. Scientific research has demonstrated that, among others, by planting appropriate tree species it is possible to enhance the capacity of forests to absorb CO2 and, thus, to reduce the impact of the expected climate change.

During COP24 Poland would like to show the other countries how climate neutrality can be reached by using innovation and a technique for CO2 sequestration by soils and forests (the project “Forest Carbon Farms”).

As evidence to these achievements, Poland would also like to propose research on the economic impacts of CO2 reduction through its capture by forests and soils for the sustainable development of the world.


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